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thumbNo matter if you need to visit Denver for business or you're scheduling a pleasure trip - the bottom line is that you need to transport a group of people and you need to do in safety, comfort and most of all, in an affordable fashion. That's where our Bus Charter Denver services begin.

If you are wondering what there is to do on a bus charter in Denver, the choices are endless. A bus charter in Denver is the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and urban sophistication. With snowcapped peaks providing a spectacular backdrop, Denver is as refined as it is laid-back. And with 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s easy to see why people fall in love with Denver the first time they visit.

A bus charter in Denver can bring you back almost 150 years to the mid-1800’s where you can explore all the fun and interesting facts about Denver. Did you know the mountainous areas of Colorado are six times the size of Switzerland, containing 9,600 miles of fishing streams, 2,850 lakes, and more than 1,000 peaks two miles high? And did you know that Denver is one of only two cities in America with eight professional sports teams? You will also explore where to locate the exact elevation of 5,280 feet (1 mile) above sea level (a round brass cap embedded in the western entrance stairs of the State Capitol marks the spot) 

The biggest surprise for visitors is the climate. The arid conditions bring only 8 to 15 inches of annual precipitation and locals wake up to more than 300 days of sunshine a year. That’s more annual hours of sun than Miami and San Diego. Denver is nestled at the base of the Rockies, not in them. Be sure to check the weather report before you pack. 

When you book your bus charter in Denver, adventure awaits. If you’re looking for a chic and sophisticated trip, visit any of the hundreds of museums and galleries that make Denver the Arts Capital of the West. Or indulge your inner shopper or foodie, and then spend a blissful afternoon at a spa. Bike paths throughout the city are a great way to explore major attractions, or escape for a day-trip into the majestic Rockies. 

Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods offer an array of retail excursions making Denver the shopping capital of the Rocky Mountain West. Bus charter Denver will let you enjoy the tree-lined streets filled with independent boutiques to convenient malls and outlet centers and sporting goods ready to cater to your shopping wishes.

A bus charter Denver will let you see and learn about all the amazing locations and history that Denver has to offer while sitting back and enjoying the ride.

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Oct 14, 2013 - Falling in Love With Flora and Fauna of Denver Botanical Gardens

With more than twenty three acres, there is more to do at this gorgeous public garden than you can ever imagine. Located in a popular part of Denver Colorado, namely the Cheesman Park neighborhood, the garden is easily located and easily accessible whether you are coming over in your charter bus, coach charter, shuttle bus, party bus, mini bus, school bus or driving yourself. The main access points of the park are easily found. The reason we are highlighting this point is that we have previously gotten complaints from foreign visitors that the booths and access points in some parks in other parts of the country are sometimes hidden and obscure.

Anyway, Denver Botanical Gardens is also considered a rather well-known conservatory which a variety of themed gardens throughout its location. In fact, most people are impressed with the fact that the botanical garden have their own sunken amphitheatre, something not all gardens have. The amphitheatre is impressive enough for summer concerts and small events too.

There are three locations to Denver Botanic Gardens - the main one would be the formal garden in York Street a little east of Denver; the other two would be the gardens at Chatfield and Mt. Goliath. All three of the gardens have their own unique charm so, we think you should see them all if you have the chance during your charter bus Denver visit. The garden at Chatfield has a natural meadow-like feel to it and is considered a historic farm and homestead instead of a formal public garden. The Mt. Goliath site is more of an alpine wildflower garden which is very scenic and is a hiking trail to some. It makes one happy to know that the authorities are consistently making concerted efforts to keep these sites as untouched as possible.

At Denver Botanic Gardens, tourists and visitors will get the chance to see and learn more about the large collection of cold temperature plants instead of the usual sub-tropical plants in some other gardens.

In 1986, the world’s first ever Xeriscape Demonstration was held at this gardens and later, it was changed to Dryland Mesa. We absolutely fell in love with Japanese Garden which is called the Garden of Wind and Pines. It is also called Shofu-eh and came about as a result of a collaboration between two famous Japanese garden designers, Koichi Kawana and Kai Kwahara.

The site at York Street was first opened as the country’s first ever public green roof, so, with so much history behind what made Denver Botanical Garden what it is today, we think it is worth spending some time exploring the beautiful grounds and plants.


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